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Beata Staszyńska
She graduated on Film School in Lodz "L.Schillera". She comes from Threecity - Gdańsk - Sopot - Gdynia, where she lives and works. She was always bound up with Alternative Threecity Scene. She had been living in Hamburg for five years.When she retuned to Poland she started cooperating with Polish Television on making concerts, programmes for the young such as “okey magazine” or “time loop”. However she changed her point of view on Television and she began to think that it is the best school of directing, the best way to learn. Director (Beata herself) shows in her movie portraits people on the road, she goes with them in such moments, when you can see their hesitation, uncertainty, fear. In Director’s words “this portraits has got abstract optimism such kind of optimism that everyone has in himself. This optimism sometimes hurts, but it helps us to get up even if the fall was the worst of all. But what is exactly the optimism? Nobody knows and it’s better to leave this question without an answer, by practising reflective document I’m trying to find this answer and the searching is the only way to find out “ as she says.

translation: Łukasz Miądowicz

Beata Stopka